Kazakh eagle hunter

Mongolia September, 2024


Mongolia, land of Genghis Khan, land of expansive vistas, land of gers (felt tents) a country of nomads where hospitality is unsurpassed. Buddhism and shamanism, eagle hunters, throat singers and contortionists, archers, camel herders and dinosaur fossils, wildlife, horses and exciting ethnic groups: we will immerse ourselves in it all.
We have been many times to Mongolia and know the country well, having travelled throughout its regions. At one stage we even had an apartment in Ulaanbaatar.
On the expedition we will explore the nature and wildlife of the Gobi Desert, climb the famous Moltsog Els sand dunes, trek in the mountains looking for elusive and rare animals, such as snow leopards and Przewalski’s wild horses, search for dinosaur fossils at the Flaming Cliffs and spend time with the locals learning the traditional ways of the herders. We will fully immerse with the Kazakhs, just one of the ethnic groups of semi-nomads, who are known for their relationship with trained golden eagles which they use for hunting. We will ride horses with them, learn their ways, laugh hard with them and fall in love with their eagles. It is a total sensory overload, one that we intend to completely indulge in.

Pay a 25% deposit per item