Our Conservation Statement

Pete Oxford Expeditions is wholly-owned by Pete Oxford & Reneé Bish who are professional conservation photographers and renowned expedition leaders

We are committed to making a difference on this planet through imagery, storytelling and raising awareness. We can do this by supporting sustainable travel and by committing ourselves to organizations worldwide whose mission is to preserve, and protect wildlife and fragile habitats.

Responsible Tourism

A moral obligation to help to conserve our home, the earth

We believe that every traveler who benefits from a visit to a National Park or Wilderness destination has a moral obligation to help to conserve it.

At Pete Oxford Expeditions, we donate funds, our time, our wide-ranging expertise and our photographic work to provide educational presentations worldwide on behalf of conservation and the organizations that we have come to trust and believe in. We are convinced that our donations make a difference.

We are committed to donate $100 for every client that travels with us to a local, in-country, conservation initiative. Our hope is that you, in turn, will match our donation. Our aim is to leave MORE than just footprints.

We strongly urge you to do the same – to make a difference.


Help us spread the word to support these conservation organizations

The Oceanic Society
Authored by Wayne Sentman Established in 1969, Oceanic Society is America’s oldest nonprofit organization dedicated to ocean conservation. Throughout our history we have seen how conscientious nature ...
Authored by Susan Norton, Executive Director Pete Oxford is a Founding Fellow of the International League of Conservation Photographers (iLCP). In 2015, Pete presented at iLCP’s annual ...
Quito Vivarium
Pete Oxford, has always maintained a strong conservation vision. He has been a permanent presence in the Fundación Herpetológica Gustavo Orcés (Vivarium de Quito) since its creation. ...
Plastic Pollution Coalition
Pete was part of an eclectic team working with Dianna Cohen, CEO of the Plastic Pollution Coalition in Indonesia. Consisting of scientists, artists, photographers, film makers, activists ...
The Orianne Society
Authored by Amanda Newsom This December, the Orianne Society is profiling Pete Oxford, an exceptional wildlife photographer that we began partnering with in 2011. We are grateful ...
Forest Fund
Reneé and Pete have known and followed Sophia since birth. She shared the Ecuadorian coast with them and, due to inadequate schooling options attended a school ...