CONGO: 9 – 12 FEBRUARY, 2019


Go where few have gone. The French Congo (as opposed to the Democratic Republic of the Congo) is a safe country in west Africa, home to incredible wildlife. It is developing as one of the most important areas in which to see habituated western lowland gorillas thanks to the 15 year, pioneering, work of Dr. Magda Beremejo (the ‘Diane Fossey of western lowland gorillas’) and German Illera. Their work has been with the same groups we shall visit. In three distinct ecosystems we will track gorillas in the rainforest (as well as looking for other primate species), watch red forest buffalo and flocks of African grey parrots, or look for turacos and hornbills in the open ‘bais’, and take river trips to look for sitatunga, dwarf crocodiles and rare forest elephants. It is a complete itinerary delivering the best that the Congo has to offer.