Marine Iguana & Crab



The Galapagos archipelago, on everyone’s bucket list, is one of the planet’s last wild and incredible places. We have chartered the S/S Mary Anne, one of the more unique yachts operating in the national park. On this itinerary we will visit Fernandina Island which is considered to be one of the most pristine islands anywhere in the world. We will walk on bare lava, come face to face with blue-footed boobies and displaying frigate birds. We will wander the highlands for giant tortoises, be amazed by hundreds of unique marine iguanas basking at our feet and get up close and personal with the endemic flightless cormorants. We will swim with penguins and sharks, interact with curious sea lions, snorkel alongside green sea turtles and be surrounded by yellow-tailed surgeonfish. To the islands that inspired Charles Darwin, we offer a fun and educational trip of a lifetime.