India: 16 – 30 March, 2022


Madagascar often called the eighth continent is unlike anywhere else on earth. This bizarre world is home to ‘dancing’ lemurs, fossa, tenrecs, couas, mesites, vangas, chameleons and truly bizarre plants such as the baobabs (Madagascar has six species, Africa has one!). We will explore the entire country interacting with the fabulous locals from a host of different tribes. Madagascar’s incredible endemism includes 5 entire bird families, more than 10,000 plant species, more than 50 endemic lemur species and 99% of its frogs! We will also do night walks searching for the bizarre aye-aye, woolly lemurs and tomato frogs. Madagascar is one of the most fascinating countries for on the road eye level contact with day-to-day life. We chose these dates to coincide with baby lemurs and peak bird nesting season. The expedition has two components, the first of 15 days for those with limited time. The four-day extension however is highly recommended to complete the Madagascar experience. Having led dozens of trips to this weird and wonderful island Pete and Reneé look forward to sharing their knowledge with you.