Giant Manta Ray

Indonesia 8 June – 19 June 2019


The Alor Archipelago, Indonesia, is a string of volcanic islands including Lembata, Pantar, Pura and Alor. Discover the hidden beauty of these wonderful shallow reef areas in some highest diversity and ‘fishiest’ areas of the Coral Triangle adjacent to Raja Ampat. From the surface we have the chance to see passing pods of pilot whales, dolphins or even a massive blue whale in one of the region’s most important areas for cetaceans. Komodo is the land that time forgot and here in the Komodo National Park, we will encounter the fearsome Komodo dragons in their natural island habitat. While cruising from Kupang to Komodo we will explore the many islands of this spectacular World Heritage Site, with the opportunity to engage in a whole host of activities such as: visits to remote villages, snorkeling on beautiful coral reefs, searching for giant manta rays, whale and dolphin watching, searching for endemic birds, rare endemic fish and Komodo dragons. This is a purpose-designed snorkeling trip with the idea that finding good snorkeling on a dive site can be frustrating. We are able, however, to offer limited diving to certified guests. There will also be ample time for swimming, as well as simply enjoying the stunning scenery and the pleasure of cruising across the tropical seas on our splendid, traditionally built pinisi ship, the Dumai II.