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Pete Oxford with a warthog

OK, me next! I am a ‘hunt & peck’ guy on the keyboard and well renowned for having ‘sausage fingers’!

The shot above is at the house where Reneé (she was the one looking like Torpedo Woman with the whale shark a few blogs ago) and I spent a tad over two years living in a national park in South Africa recently. A truly wonderful experience where Hippy the hippo slept next to our bedroom every night and would sit  in the water a few meters away while we had a braai, apparently just looking for company. Where the elephants played most days in the water in front. Where lions regularly walked nonchalantly past the house  and where Lightning, a leopard I finally managed to habituate, would hunt in our yard and even sit on the same wall in the shot above! If anyone out there is interested I’ll show a couple of shots down the road of Lightning. The rumour in the park was that I was two-timing Reneé and that Lightning was my new girlfriend. Yes we were close, but…

On this particular day Piggy, a warthog who had no doubt that he was special, popped around for part two of the photographic course I was offering to the locals as part of our community integration policy. He passed the first course with flying colours (yes pigs CAN fly). By necessity this was a practical course only as Piggy had trouble gripping a pen between his cloven hooves.


Pete Oxford


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