Sawubona meet Reneé


Renee with sea turtle

Knock, knock… Oh that’s just me coming out of my deep closet and scarily thinking about how, what and when to blog.

Never thought massaging a turtle’s neck could be so mutually beneficial!
Having recently spent 5 weeks on the coral reefs of Belize with the MAR Alliance NGO, it was a total pleasure to both work with the local people and get to know the reef as well as we did. We ended up tagging sharks, (more to come) and turtles to try to understand more about their movements and abundance. Yes, we are a professional photographic team but at the end of the day nothing excites me more than being out there with the animals and hopefully making a difference towards protecting our planet. Believe me, camping out on the beach of an uninhabited island (apart from a ranger’s station) snorkeling in warm, crystal clear, turquoise water with nurse sharks and rays and ending the day in the company of new friends is pure heaven.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”.

African Proverb

Goodbye, totsiens, Hamba kahle – until next time…

Reneé Bish

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